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Submit a paper to Articulo – Journal of Urban Research

Authors are invited to submit their articles through Manuscrits, our online production tracking website. Online submission facilitates a fast and efficient publication service and provides the author with the ability to track their paper through the review process. To submit your paper online, please create an author account on the Manuscrits web site and then follow the on-screen guidance which takes you through the submission process.

There are no submission fees.


Articulo publishes articles written in (British or American) English. In some cases, special issues written in French may be considered.

Author Guidelines

1. Manuscripts must be typed (.doc format) and must not exceed 8000 words (references are not included). Articles should include an abstract (200 words or less), a short biography with author’s full name, title, current affiliation, professional address, a description of his/her recent work (100 words or less), as well as 5-7 key words in English.

Articles must be in line with the following recommendations:

  • Articles are separated into sections and sub-sections.

  • Boldface type is reserved for titles. It should not be used in the body of the text. Italic type is used to highlight words as well as for foreign words and expressions.

  • Use of underlining is not accepted.

  • Short quotations are written in italic type. Double quotation marks (“…”) are used and are neither preceded nor followed by a space. Single quotation marks are to be used within a quotation. Omissions within a quotation are marked by the symbol […].

  • The dash (–) is used for interpolated clauses.

  • No space precedes the following punctuation marks: semicolon (;), colon (:), exclamation point (!), question mark (?).

Centuries are referred to as follows: 19th century.


2. Quotations and bibliographic references must be presented as follows:

Within the body of the text

The City truly has become a “space of socialisation” (Grafmeyer 1994: 88).

Face-to-face plays an important role in urban economics (Porteous 1999, Storper and Venables 2004, Johnston et al. 2009, 2012).

In the bibliography


Allen J. 2003. Lost Geographies of Power. Oxford, Blackwell.

Pike A, Rodríguez-Pose A, Tomaney J. 2006. Local and Regional Development. London, Routledge.

Hubbard P, Kitchin R, Valentine G. (eds) 2008. Key Thinkers on Space and Place. London, Sage.


Granovetter M. 2005. The impact of social structure on economic outcomes. Journal of Economic Perspectives 19(1): 33-50.

Gordon IR, McCann P. 2000. Industrial clusters: complexes, agglomerations and/or social networks? Urban Studies 37(3): 513-532.

Book chapters

Martinez O J. 1994. The dynamics of border interaction. New approaches to border analysis, in Schofield CH (ed.) Global Boundaries. World Boundaries. London, Routledge: 1-15.


Hoyaux A.-F. 2000. Habiter la ville et la montagne: essai de géographie phénoménologique sur les relations des habitants au lieu, à l’espace et au territoire (exemples de Grenoble et Chambéry). Grenoble, University of Grenoble 1, unpublished PhD diss.

Electronic media

Pufe F. 2006. Unlocking Miami’s suburban gated communities: A semiotic and iconographic approach. Articulo − Journal of Urban Research 5, (Retrieved May 10, 2010).

Conference papers

Christopoulos D. 2012. Leadership and political capital. Paper presented at the 8th UKSNA Conference, Bristol, 28-30 June.


3. The author will provide at least one illustration (map or photography) to the editors in .jpeg format. All graphics must be titled, must specify their source and, if necessary, captioned. Authors must provide copyright-free illustrations. In case of any doubts, Articulo will not publish the illustrations.


4. Footnotes and appendixes are not allowed.

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